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Artwork Specifications

TSC Print Works provides a full-service Art Department with state-of-the-art design software for all our clients graphic and design needs. From custom signage, new company logo, clean up, retouching, vectorizing your design, we can do it. We value our clients and are proud to say that TSC can do it all from concept to completion. Our main goal is to bring your idea to reality. There are no limits so go outside the box and think BIG...

Artwork For Digital Print: Images ONLY

All artwork must be either jpeg., ai., tiff, eps., or pdf. files format. When submitting art, please take into consideration that all artwork will be resized for final output and therefore we will not be able to use any artwork that is less than 150dpi. We can not stress this enough please DO NOT submit artwork that is copied from the internet, all images on the internet are 72dpi and are useless to use for digital printing. Also DO NOT submit artwork that is copy written, we will not print  any copy written material without legal authorization if you are not the owner of copy written image. Please do not email any file over 20MB because the file will not go through due to normal email accounts can not send or receive files larger than 20MB. If you have files larger than 20MB please either call  714.841.9200 or email  so we can set you up with a file sharing account. Or you can always drop off or mail artwork to the shop. Artwork that has to be color matched please call colors out either in file or attached to document, please take into consideration that all files that have custom colors and are not pure RGB or CMYK colors and might not be able to be matched 100%. At Trinity Sign Company we have all our computers calibrated to insure true colors, if you have designed your artwork on a non-calibrated computer the colors will not be correct. When Submitting artwork please include name, company name, and phone number so we can contact you once file is received.

Any Text with File Submit Must be Converted to OUTLINES:

Please convert all text to outline, this must be done before artwork is submitted. Due to every computer not having the same fonts if file is not converted to outlines then the text will be given a default text when opened on our computer. If you have any questions concerning please give us a call 714.841.9200 and our graphic artist will be glad to walk you through this easy process before submitting your artwork.

All Vector Based Artwork:

When submitting vector based artwork, please convert all strokes to outlines so that when resized, the stroke width will not change. We have found that eps. files are the most user friendly so please save file as eps. before submitting artwork. If you have any questions please give us a call 714.841.9200 and our graphic artist will be glad to walk you through this easy process before submitting your artwork.

We Proudly Service the following areas in Orange County: Aliso Viejo, East Irvine, La Mirada, Newport Beach, Surfside, Anaheim, El Toro, Ladera Ranch, Orange, Sunset Beach, Atwood,Foothill Ranch, Laguna Beach, Placentia, Trabuco Canyon, Brea,Fountain Valley, Laguna Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin, Buena Park, Fullerton,  Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Villa Park, Capistrano Beach, Garden Grove, Laguna Woods, San Juan Capistrano, Westminster, Corna Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Santa Ana, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Cypress, La Habra, Midway City, Silverado, Dana Point, La Palma, Mission Viejo, Stanton. 
The zipcodes of the above cites include: 
92801,92825, 92609, 92844, 92616, 92709, 92630, 92857, 92674, 90740, 92802, 92850, 92610, 92845, 92617, 92710, 90720,
92859, 92693,92676, 92803, 92899, 92708, 92846, 92618, 90631, 90721, 92862, 92675, 90680, 92804, 92656, 92831, 92605, 92619, 90632,
92655, 92863, 92701, 90743, 92805, 92821, 92832, 92615, 92620, 90633, 92690, 92864, 92702, 90742, 92806, 92822, 92833, 92646, 92623, 90623, 92691, 92865, 92703, 92678, 92807, 92823, 92834, 92647, 92697, 90638, 92692, 92866, 92704, 92679, 92808, 92624, 92835, 92648, 92709, 92694, 92657, 92867, 92705, 92780, 92809, 92625, 92836, 92849, 92710, 92651, 92658, 92868, 92706, 92781, 92811, 92626, 92837, 92602, 90631. 92652, 92659, 92869, 92707, 92782, 92812, 92627, 92838, 92603, 90632, 92653, 92660, 92870, 92711, 92861, 92814, 92628, 92840, 92604, 90633, 92654, 92661, 92871, 92712, 92683, 92815, 92629, 92841, 92606, 90623, 92677, 92662, 92688, 92725, 92684, 92816, 90630, 92842, 92612, 90638, 92607, 92663, 92672, 92735, 92685, 92817, 90650, 92843, 92614, 92697, 92637, 92856, 92673, 92799, 92885.