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Wraps 101

Below are our most common asked questions:

What is a vehicle Wrap? A vehicle wrap is basically a large custom decal made from cast vinyl (we use only the top brands in the industry 3M, Orcal and or Avery) and printed with eco-solvent ink (on our state-of-the-art Roland Eco-Solvent Printer). The vinyl is then laminated with UV-laminate and applied to the paint surface of the vehicle by one of our professional installers.

How long will the wrap last? We here at Trinity Sign Company warranty our wraps for one year, if anything goes wrong both fading and peeling we will fix it. The vinyl we use can last for years if taken care of properly. Fading and peeling will occur within 2-4 years depending on use. It is not uncommon for wraps to last up to five years again depending on use.*

Why is a vehicle wrap a great way to advertise my business? A wrapped vehicle is unlike most advertising, which for the most part is expensive, and only last for a short limited length of  time (i.e., Yellow Pages, magazine, radio, television, newspaper or billboard). Vehicle Wraps are a very inexpensive way to advertise your business, and can last up to 5 years. Our wraps average less than three thousand dollars annually for a typical full vehicle wrap on average size automobile. As reported by Sign Business Industries Magazine, which estimates that motorist and pedestrians see a single vehicle’s car advertising message as many as 70,000 times a day. To sum that up this means for a typical $3,500.00 investment, your vehicle wrap will be viewed by the public an estimated 25.6 million times a year, and 127.8 million times in a 5 year period. No other realm of advertising can produce these numbers for such a small investment. 

Dose a vehicle wrap damage my paint? No, vehicle wraps do not damage the paint surface that is another wonderful aspect of a vehicle wrap. The vinyl blocks the harmful UV rays that over time break down automotive paint allowing the paint to fade. The vehicle wrap protects the paint surface from chips and fading.This means if your car was new when the vehicle wrap was installed the paint will look new when it is removed. Wraps are great for those that lease their automobile. You no longer have to worry about having to repaint your car, or being charged by the dealership at the end of your lease to repaint your leased vehicle. Another great aspect of a vehicle wrap is it is removable unlike painted signage that can not be removed, and/or vinyl lettering which can lead to discoloring and or ghosting of the paint when removed.** 

Are there any limitations to a vehicle wrap? The are some limitations to a vehicle wrap we have listed them below:

  1. Can not apply to molding or certain plastics.
  2. Some door handles can not be wrapped.
  3. There are certain vehicles the have deep recessed areas for these installations we can wrap but will not be warranted.
Last but not least and our favorite aspect of a vehicle wrap is it looks just like a custom paint job without the expense. An the design possibilities are endless...

*restrictions due apply call for further details.
**Can peel paint if the vehicle has been repainted or if clear/paint is flaking off car. In these special circumstances we will wrap you car but will NOT warranty wrap from peeling or causing paint damage.